glibc Detected … Corrupted Double-Linked List

The more complete error message looks like .. code-block:: python



** glibc detected ** /opt/QuantumWise/atk-10.8.2/atkpython/bin/atkpython_exec: corrupted double-linked list: 0x00007f7141840000 *** > ======= Backtrace: ========= > /lib/[0x7f71670019a8] > /lib/[0x7f7167004a9b] > /lib/[0x7f7167005ad8] > /opt/QuantumWise/atk-10.8.2/atkpython/bin/../lib/[0x7f71646a4d8a]

This error can appear in the middle of a two-probe calculation if, at the same time,

  • Hyperthreading is activated on the machine
  • The environment variable MKL_DYNAMIC is set to TRUE and/or MKL_NUM_THREADS is specified.

There is an incompatibility, it seems, between hyperthreading and MKL. The solution is to deactivate hyperthreading, which in general is not a good idea for high-performance computing anyway.