Failure to Initialize

VNL and atkpython may not be able to run on security-hardened systems. In particular, you should, after discussion with your system administrator, check for the following:

  • Verify that the Security Enhanced Linux status is set to “Disabled” by invoking the utility program ‘getenforce’, generally available in your Linux distribution package system. You can disable Security Enhanced Linux by running setenforce 0
  • Verify that the /tmp directory is accessible and writeable to your user. Using the “mount” command, make sure that /tmp mount options does not include either of the following flags: “noexec”, “nosuid”, or “nodev”. To remove these flags, you have to edit and modify the /etc/fstab file as root and reboot the system (or perform a remount operation)
  • Verify that resource usage limits are sufficienty high by issuing the command ‘ulimit -a’.
  • Verify your hard disk quota limits with the program “quota”.
  • Verify your firewall configuration for rules that may prevent your system to connect to the license server.