License Error: Access Denied

If the license error message “Access denied” appears when you try to start ATK or VNL on Windows, delete the following folders (if they exist), and try to start the program again:

  • C:ProgramData
    • x-formation
    • boost_interprocess
  • C:Users<your username>
    • AppData/Local/Temp/x-formation
    • AppData/Local/Temp/xf-dll
    • AppData/Local/x-formation
    • AppData/Local/xf-dll

The problem is that an incorrect permission may have been set on these folders, if you started VNL as another user or as Administrator. NOTE: You will not see these folders unless you turn on “Show hidden files, folders, and drives” in the folder options; see below. Alternatively, just type in the location in the address bar in the File Explorer (hit WinKey+E to open it; the “Change folder and search options” are accessible under the File menu).