ImportError: No Module Named

If you are using the Job Manager to run a script which “imports” other scripts, the script to import must reside in the “home directory” of VNL, or in another directory that is part of the Python path. The paths included by default in the Python path are “atkpython/lib/site-packages” (on Windows) or “atkpython/lib/python2.6/site-packages” (on Linux), inside the ATK installation directory, and the “home directory” which is the directory from where you started VNL (click the button “Home” in VNL to go to this directory). In case you used a desktop icon, the home directory is the “Start in” fold specified for the shortcut. Thus, either move the script to be imported to a relevant folder from where it can be imported, or include the directory where the script resides explicitly in the Python path by inserting something like this in your script:

 import sys
 sys.path.append("c:/my files/scripts")

A simple solution is otherwise to run the script from the command line instead; as long as the script to be imported resides in the same directory as you are running from, it will work fine.