Error Installing VC++ Runtime

In same rare cases, the installation process of VNL-ATK can raise an error at the very end:


The Visual C++ Redistributable is not really a component of QuantumATK, but something that is needed to run on Windows. Many software packages require this package, so one of the reasons the installation fails, may actually be that you have a newer version already installed. Therefore, the first thing to try, is to see if VNL starts fine, despite the error message. It very well might! If not, in order to solve the issue, try the following:

  1. Be sure that Windows has installed all recent updates. Installation of some system components may be blocked, if updates are pending, or a reboot after updates have been installed is required.
  2. Locate the vcredit_x64.exe (or vcredist_x86 on 32-bit systems) file in the QuantumATK folder in C:Program Files (x86)QuantumATK, and double click it, to install it manually. If it fails, try the same as Administrator.You can also obtain the file directly from here: Visual C++ runtime for 64-bit Windows.

If it still fails, please contact :email:`support team <>` and provide the log file mentioned in the error message.