Command Not Found (Linux)

If you get the error message “Command not found” when trying to run “vnl” or “atkpython” from a terminal window after installing QuantumATK, then first of all try to close the terminal window and open a new one; this is needed for changes to the PATH and license environment variables to take effect. If the problem persists, there are primarily two possibilities:

  • QuantumATK was installed by a different user, e.g. root. In this case you must set up the PATH manually to include the atkpython/bin and vnl/bin directories in the QuantumATK installation directory.
  • If you are using tcsh (or any other shell than bash), you must also manually define the PATH (and license environment variables) in .tcshrc (or similar for your particular shell). Type “echo $SHELL” to find out which shell you are using.

In both cases you need to restart the terminal for the changes to take effect. Check that the relevant QuantumATK directories are in your PATH by typing “echo $PATH”.