Cannot Start QuantumATK From the Desktop Icon

  • Linux

Solution: Log out and back in. Why? During installation, the license configuration is written to the file .profile in your home directory. The Desktop only reads this file on login, however. If you prefer not to log out, for the moment, you can still launch VNL by opening a (new) terminal window and type “vnl”.

  • Windows (should only appear in ATK 2014)

Solution: Right-click the desktop icon and choose Properties. Check the “Start in” folder - it should be the same folder as where vnl.exe resides, i.e. the “bin” directory in the installation folder. If not, VNL will not start. Why? Kind of a bug in ATK 2014.x, some Qt libraries are in the “bin” folder. We will move them to the native Qt location for the 2014.2 bug fix release, and then you can set the Start in folder to anything you want.