Segmentation Fault QuantumATK Closes Down When Clicking an Icon

The symptoms of this error - which only should appear on Linux for QuantumATK 10.8 - is that VNL launches fine, and you can open the Editor and Analyzer, but any attempt to open an instrument with a 3D viewport (like, the Builder, Viewer, Database, etc) results in VNL shutting down immediately. If you are running from the command line, you will probably see a “Segmentation fault” error message. The problem is caused by the video driver, specifically the OpenGL drivers, which doesn’t support proper 3D manipulations. Most likely you are using Mesa drivers, which can be verified by running “glxinfo | grep -i mesa”. The solution is to upgrade to a newer version of QuantumATK (11.2 or later), or upgrade your drivers to the vendor-specific ones from NVIDIA, ATI, etc, as relevant for your graphics card. The latter is always a good idea even for newer QuantumATK versions, since it will enhance the 3D graphics performance significantly.