QuantumATK Slow Start on Windows

Some users have experienced that QuantumATK can be very slow (several minutes) to start up on Windows, when you are not Administrator on the machine. It is not actually necessary to be administrator to run QuantumATK, but if you are not, the license system may try very hard to write a lock file to the C:WindowsTemp directory, to which it then does not have permissions. The solution is to remove the directory C:WindowsTempx-formation (as Administrator, of course), and then runQuantumaATK as the regular user. The directory will then be recreated with more suitable priviledges.


QuantumATK can sometimes be a bit slow to start after an upgrade, or if you have large projects with many files, or when using a demo license for the first time. The case where the above solution is relevant is only where startup takes really long time, like 3-5 minutes or more.