HostID Does Not Match License (Error Code 10)

Error message when running QuantumATK:

License Error: (Internal: 147 Feature: ATKPython) [LOCAL] /home/xxx/.quantumwise/licenses/quantum_15.0.lic - (Err: 10) HostID does not match license This error typically indicates that

  • the MAC address of your network card has changed, or
  • you have tried to move a nodelocked license to a new machine, or
  • you are offline and the network card used to activate the license is disabled.

If You Have a Demo License

The quantum_15.0.lic license file is a demo license which is automatically created at the first start up of VNL. This license is locked to the MAC address (HostID) of your network card. If you disable or remove this card from your machine, for example, if you used the a USB wireless card, or you turned on airplane mode, the license will not work anymore. Either enable the network card again, or request an extended trial license form (you will need to specify a valid MAC address, ensure it’s for a card still active in the machine).

If You Have an Academic License, or a Purchased Nodelocked License

Your license has been generated for a particular MAC address (HostID) that you specified in the submission form, or when you purchased the license. As above, if this corresponds to the address of a wireless card that you deactivate or remove, your license won’t match any host ID and won’t start.


If you have a demo license, you can apply for up to 3 MAC address per email address, so you can obtain a new license if needed. If you have a purchased license, contact support to change the MAC address. Binding to a wireless network interface is discouraged, since it means QuantumATK may not run if the wireless adapter is disabled, e.g. when you turn on airplane mode. Thus, we recommend using the MAC address of an Ethernet card when you apply for the license.

Note that you cannot transfer demo or trial licenses, or the free VNL, from one machine to the other.