NLLicenseError: Unable to Start the License System (Error Code 61)

If this error appears on Windows, the problem is most likely due to the license library being unable to write to or create the directory C:users<username>AppDatatempxf-dll. Most probably, it already exists but with the wrong permissions, such that the current user cannot access it. The solution is to delete this folder. Since the user probably does not have access to the folder, this should be done as Administrator. Then start VNL as the regular user, and the problem should have disappeared.


As a general rule, never run VNL as Administrator, especially the first time after installation!


Earlier versions of LM-X would report this as Error code 1 (LMX_UNKNOWN_ERROR) but the newer versions use a dedicated code 61 (LMX_CANNOT_LOAD_SHARED_LIBRARY).