Maintenance, Updates and Support

As a customer of QuantumWise, you have access to support via email (and some other benefits, like participation in user meetings etc) provided that you hold an active maintenance contract.


Always state your customer ID when communicating with support staff, so that we can identify your affiliation.

  • For annual licenses, the maintenance period normally coincides with the validity of the license itself, unless otherwise specified.
  • For perpetual licenses, the maintenance period is specified separately on your contract/invoice. When it expires, the contract can be prolonged for continued access to support, as well as upgrades.

Updates and Upgrades

If you hold a perpetual license, you can always update QuantumATK if a new minor version is released (typically bug fixes) free of charge, even if your maintenance period has expired. Minor versions are for instance 2016.1 and 2016.2, which are updates to 2016.0.

When a new major version of QuantumATK is released, you may upgrade free of charge if the new version is already included in your contract. You can check your license file or invoice to find out which version you may upgrade to; if the license file contains a feature label “17.0” you can upgrade to version 2017 and all updates (2017.1, etc) to it.

If you have an older version in your contract, you can purchase an upgrade as part of the maintenance (for perpetual licenses) or by prolonging your annual license.