Advanced License Troubleshooting

When troubleshooting license problems, a very convenient tool is to define the environment variable QUANTUM_EXTENDEDLOG=license.log, then start QuantumATK, and afterwards inspect the file license.log which will contain a detailed account of all license-related system settings, and very importantly how LM-X/ATK tried to locate a license (file or server) and whether or not it was successful. For example, on Linux (or Windows/Cygwin), open a terminal and type (this syntax is for bash, see Notes below for tcsh)

QUANTUM_EXTENDEDLOG=license.log atkpython

The file need not exist, it’s just a dummy for this test.

Now, if you get a message saying

can't open file '': [Errno 2] No such file or directory

your license is actually working properly.

However, if you see

License Error: (Internal: 719 Feature: ATKPython)
(Err: 9) Feature not found

you need to check license.log for more information. Make sure to provide this file to QuantumWise support when asking for help about license issues.

On Windows, the corresponding approach would be to press WinKey+R and type “cmd” (or use the Start Menu), and then in the terminal window which opens type



The file license.log will be created in the current directory, so make a note of where that is, so you can locate the file afterwards. The test above only checks that atkpython can be started, and for that you only need the feature ATKPython in the license file. If you can launch atkpython and/or VNL without problems, but have license troubles when running a particular calculation, try running the calculation again with the environment variable set globally (in your login file .bashrc on Linux, or via the Control Panel on Windows). Note that on Linux, you cannot use this approach if you start VNL from the Desktop icon, unless you first log out and back in again. It’s easier to run “vnl” from a terminal window for the test purpose. If your shell is csh/tcsh, the syntax is

 env QUANTUM_LICENSE_FILE=license.log atkpython