License and QuantumATK Upgrading

Whether or not you can upgrade for free to a newer version of QuantumATK depends on which version is included in your license file, and correspondingly in your contract. Either check your latest invoice, or start QuantumATK and open Help>About, where the highest support version is written out as e.g. 17.0, in which case you are able to upgrade to version 2017 (if it says 16.0 or 16.5 or anything else with 16, your maximum version is 2016, and so on).

You can also inspect the license file (it’s just a text file). The highest supported version is written in the file, on the VENDOR line, for instance as


If the new version is supported by your license, you can just download and install it. If your license does not support the new version, please contact us for upgrade options.