class SentaurusSlabKdotPmodel(reference_bandstructure, fit_energy_window=PhysicalQuantity(0.1, eV), fit_weights=0.1, sprocess_executable_path='sprocess', sband_executable_path='sband')

6-band k.p model for nanoslab valence bands.

  • reference_bandstructure (SlabBandstructure) – The bandstructure to fit the model to.
  • fit_energy_window (PhysicalQuantity of type energy.) – Width of the energy window to fit, measure from the top of the valence band.
    Default: 0.1 eV
  • fit_weights (float) – All points within the energy window, e=[0 eV, fit_energy_window], are associated with weights that decay exponentially. This parameter controls the decay, such that the top and bottom of the window have weights, exp(-e/fit_energy_window), equal to 1 and fit_weights, respectively.
    Default: 0.1
  • sprocess_executable_path (str) – Path to Sentaurus Process executable.
    Default: “sprocess”
  • sband_executable_path (str) – Path to Sentaurus Band executable.
    Default: “sband”