class COMBCoulombOption(alpha, r_cut)

Constructor of the option.

  • alpha (PhysicalQuantity of type length**-1) – Splitting parameter for the Wolf summation that is used internally to deal with long-range interactions.
  • r_cut (PhysicalQuantity of type length) – Cutoff for all electrostatic interactions for which no explicit cutoff is given.

Return the names of all used parameters as a list.


Return all parameters of this potential and their current values as a <parameterName / parameterValue> dictionary.

static getDefaults()

Get the default parameters of this potential and return them in form of a dictionary of <parameter name, default value> key-value pairs.


Get the current value of the parameter parameterName.

setParameter(parameterName, value)

Set the parameter parameterName to the given value.

  • parameterName (str) – The name of the parameter that will be modified.
  • value – The new value that will be assigned to the parameter parameterName.